Receipts/Debit Memos

The Receipts Section of the Bureau of Funds Management, Division of Treasury, is responsible for the verification of deposits into the Treasury for all departments, agencies, and commissions in the State of Florida. The receipts section works closely with the cash management section in accounting for money coming into the Treasury. It is essential to promptly credit the correct account in the Florida Accounting Information Reporting (FLAIR) system in order to make funds available for disbursement. This process is initiated by the individual state agencies that deposit funds or expect to receive funds through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The agency enters the transaction into FLAIR pending verification of receipt by the Chief Financial Officer. 

The Receipts Section also must charge back, to the appropriate agency, all checks and EFT transactions that have been returned unpaid. These returned items are listed on a debit memorandum, which reduces the balance in the FLAIR account that has previously been credited. State agencies can access their returned items via the Cash Management System (CMS) website.